> Water Storage Tanks
Summary of Water Storage Tank Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Item ----------------- Activity ----------------- Frequency
Condition of Water in Tank Inspection Monthly / Quarterly
Water Temperature Inspection Daily / Weekly
Heating System Inspection Daily / Weekly
Control Valves Inspection Weekly / Monthly
Water - Level Inspection Monthly / Quarterly
Air Pressure Inspection Monthly / Quarterly
Tank - Exterior Inspection Quarterly
Support Structure Inspection Quarterly
Catwalks and Ladders Inspection Quarterly
Surrounding Area Inspection Quarterly
Hoops and Grillage Inspection Annually
Painted / Coated Surfaces Inspection Annually
Expansion Joints Inspection Annually
Interior Inspection 5 Years / 3 Years
Check Valves Inspection 5 Years
Temperature Alarms Test Monthly*
High Temperature Limit Switches Test Monthly*
Water Level Alarms Test Semiannually
Level Indicators Test 5 Years
Pressure Gauges Test 5 Years
Water Level Maintenance -
Drain Silt Maintenance Semiannually
Control Valves Maintenance Annually
Embankment-Supported Coated Fabric (ESCF) Maintenance -
Check Valves Maintenance -

* Cold Weather / Heating Season Only

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