It Only Makes Sense to Call Bay Fire Protection...

> Experience
Norman Van Wormer, Sr. founded Bay Fire Protection in 1963 using his skills as a sprinkler fitter and foreman. Under his guidance, his family learned all aspects of the fire protection business - from shop fabrication to management. This family involvement provides the dedication and expertise necessary to provide a range of complete fire protection services.

Bay Line is flexible and aggressive enough to pursue the most up-to-date technology and information in the industry in order to provide our customers with elite services that have made Bay Line an industry leader.

> System Inspection and Certification
The National Fire Protection Association Journal of Standards places the responsibility of sprinkler system inspection and maintenance on a building's owner. Bay Fire Protection is widely considered an industry leader with nearly fifty (50) years of experience in fabricating, installing, maintaining, and certifying fire protection systems!

> Maintenance
To ensure that your fire protection system will function properly in an emergency situation, periodic inspections, testing, and maintenance of all systems is vital. Bay Fire Protection is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency services and will respond to all maintenance needs within 12 hours of your call.

Bay Fire Protection holds both a State Mechanical Contractor and State Fire Licenses, as well many other required education certifications.

> Mission Statement
Our mission at Bay Fire Protection is to provide you with top of the line security and peace of mind. This is accomplished with our superior sprinkler system installation and inspection service. We also have an experienced technical staff who provide dependable, affordable, and professional service.

Whether you are looking for a complete fire prevention sprinkler system or just an annual fire sprinkler system inspection, we can help. Every aspect of our business works quickly, efficiently, and expertly. Because of our expertise, we have become a trusted leader in Michigan providing fire protection system inspections and installation.

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